Paleo Banana Bread

My oldest has an event at school tomorrow morning, and I was asked to bring a baked item. According to Little Mister, his teachers think I bake well (apparently the liked the cookies at Christmas), and I’m okay with all of that.

Given my recent dietary restraints, and knowing that a typical American breakfast is wheat heavy, I thought of what to make. Hrm. I decided to search for a gluten recipe to bake my favorite thing: banana bread. Through the glory of the inter webs, I found one that appealed to me. I also had all the ingredients on hand.

I picked up these eggs at the Marietta Farmer’s Market last weekend. I love brown eggs, but green? Yum!!


Fast forward a few mashed bananas, and this recipe: voila! This recipe has a streusel topping that I omitted because it has pecans in it and I worry about nut allergies, which is crazy since the bread does have almond butter. Can’t win ’em all.


My kids and I had a sliver of the bread, just in case it wasn’t good. It was good. So, so good!

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