Show Your Laundry Some Love

My laundry room is just off the kitchen, which is great, and when the door is open lots of beautiful light comes in. There’s only one problem. It’s ugly. I mean, like, really, seriously ugly.

We knew that when we bought the house, obviously, and for the last eleven months I’ve kept the door shut when we have company. The room is big, and functions, but I’m ashamed of it. So sad.

Since I need a new project like a hole in my head, I decided to tackle the room last week.


Peeling chartreuse paint, a huge board that was screwed and glued to the wall, an original 1980 shelf that sags in the middle, and a misplaced cabinet that really doesn’t help my storage at all.



Wallpaper and board along left wall have been removed and sanded, cabinet and shelf leave, and the cork board (also glued) under the window removed. Oh, and all the randomly placed shelving is gone, too. Keep it simple, people.




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