When in Doubt, Use Bondo

I’ve spent five hours over the last two days sanding the cabinet grooves. The cabinet boxes in our house are original. They are well built and in good condition. Unfortunately, an entire kitchen remodel isn’t in the budget right now so painting the cabinets will be a step in the right direction of liking this space more.

The cabinet boxes have 1980 grooves in them. There is nothing wrong with the grooves, they just aren’t our style. After a lot of research, husband and I found that Bondo – yep! the stuff to fix cars – was the perfect filler for the grooves. It’s impervious to water, and won’t shrink over time. It’s also easy to use, but I will tell you that it smells awful! If you ever use it to fix cabinetry I learned during the second application to spread it on at a 45 degree angle so the grooves will fill. Once the stuff is dry, sand like you’ve never sanded before. You will need an orbital sander, or palm sander, for this job. Be sure to hang drop cloths and wear a mask.

Priming begins tonight, and if I’m really on the ball I’ll get on the first coat if paint. Fingers crossed.

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