The Doors

Husband and I discussed having the kitchen cabinets painted when we moved into this house. We got quotes for several thousand dollars. Given what we knew we wanted to do to the rest of the house, we decided to hold off on that project.

I’ve been researching painting kitchen cabinets for nine. long. months.

I’m finally doing it, and the doors look incredible. I’m not that far into painting yet. We wanted to put the paint on a few doors to make sure we liked it first. I have a lot of work to do by Christmas, but I’m confident that a few sleepless nights and a lot of manual labor will give me a mini makeover that we love! Here’s a sneak peak:


3 thoughts on “The Doors

    1. I’m going to try to make it tonight. My cabinet project may win, though. I’m definitely planning to come to retreat (famous last words), and I have to get started on the round robin. At least I have a plan for that.

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