Santa in the Park

I’ve been volunteering on the Springvale Park Playground Committee to rejuvenate and renovate the park and playground in the historic center of Inman Park. It’s involved a lot of meetings, work and fundraising. We have a long way to go but hope to have the project complete by spring of 2013.

We had our second fundraiser a week ago – Santa in the Park. We had a professional photographer, Santa and a pretty cool back drop for the photos. It was a lot of work but the event was a HUGE success and puts us that much closer to our goal.

Anyhow, here’s a peak of the other things I’ve had going on in my little world.

We covered large boxes with pretty paper and bows, had candy canes, poinsettias, a recliner that we covered in a fine wale green corduroy, and of course, Santa and the kids! The tree behind the setting is a Winter King Hawthorne and has beautiful red berries. Sadly, you can’t see that in the photo but we did hang red and gold ornaments and gold covered pine cones. The scene was pretty darn fabulous!

Kids were everywhere and I’ve never seen the playground as busy, except during Festival. We hope to make this an annual event so the park can be a bit more self-sustaining. I think next year we’ll have Santa visit for more than three hours, but wow! It was a great three hours.

And yes, to toot my own horn, this was my idea and I’m pleased as EVER that it went so well. woot!

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