Apple Tart

My parents live in the North Georgia mountains. They were in town recently and brought me a peck of apples from Mercier Orchards.

I love baked apples in any form so Little Mister and I got busy baking. We baked apple spice muffins in cute Halloween themed baking cups

And an apple tart. The tart took a few hours to make and Little Mister lost interest. Everyone loved the tart, though, especially me.

I used a Better Homes and Gardens recipe and it was delicious! Well worth the work (and the trip here to get a tart pan).

One thought on “Apple Tart

  1. YUM!
    You remind me of Matt’s Nana teaching me to make Sauerbratten (sic)and potato pancakes. She took care of Callan as I drove around to find a “ricer”… Cooks Warehouse had one! Now, 25 years later, I haven’t used it again.
    The tart, not so seldom. I want one NOW! Ah, apples.

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