Parts is Parts

I’m a room mother for Little Mister. One of our responsibilities this year is to make the auction project ( oh, sigh….I hate it when people ask me to get involved in fun, creative projects with children. hehe). Several different ideas were going through my head.

  1. A mandala. I could paint a canvas with a neutral background and in the center paint a series of rings (like Saturn has). Then I’d have each child in the class put a handprint on the circle with their fingers pointed out like the sun.
  2. A puzzle. Have a piece of wood cut into eleven puzzle pieces and have each child in the class paint a piece.
  3. Make a mandala puzzle

After chatting with a friend of mine I scrapped all those ideas and (unilaterally) decided to make a Christmas tree skirt. Who doesn’t need a cute one? Besides, Little Mister is in a Presbyterian pre-school so I don’t have to worry about offending anyone’s religious preferences.

My plan is to piece a 45″ square piece of fabric. Strips, stars, log cabins and the like will be in the malay of the red background. I will have pops of gold and green, too, but mostly it’ll be red.  Here are the fabrics I have thus far

Once I have the base of the tree skirt assembled I need to get green handprints. I plan to have each child “stamp” his or her hand on a white piece of fabric. I’ll cut out a tree trunk and applique each hand print and trunk on the background – fingers facing out so they look like tree branches. I’ll have each child stamp a star of his or her choice, too, and put that on top of the tree. I might have them decorate their “trees”, too, but I’m not entirely certain about that. I’m hopeful that I’ll get started this week. Little Mister is with his grandparents this week so I’ll have (just a little) more time during the day. Well, when I stop my home reorganization project, but that’s another post.



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