Little Mister is like a Visa card….everywhere I want to be

Little mister is a like  Visa card. He’s EVERYWHERE I want to be…

on a chair, the cabinet under the sink, the refrigerator, you get the idea…

wherever I want to be!

He certainly keeps me busy. I am surprised that I somehow find time to do anything.

Today I made Rice Krispie treats AND cleaned the house. Okay, well only the downstairs, but nonetheless, it’s still clean. Except for the desk. And that’s husband’s space, even though you wouldn’t quite know it. I have managed to take over a corner or two.

A friend of mine had a little girl a few weeks ago. I haven’t met her newest addition yet, but get to next week. I made her what I consider the easiest quilt in the world. A lot of bang for something so easy.

I have a few other projects that I am eager to start.  Don’t I always?

For the past three years I have made a  quilt for LifeLink of Georgia,


LifeLink is an independent, non-profit organ and tissue recovery organization dedicated to serving patients in need of transplant therapy and their families. I think that organ donation is such an important cause, and though I often find myself in tears while making the quilt, I am glad I do.

LifeLink has a ceremony each year and the quilt is presented to families that lost a loved one. Each family, or a family member, makes a block, then I assemble the quilt.  I couldn’t find a photo of any of the last few I’ve made. It’s entirely possible that I didn’t snap a picture. Silly me! I’ll be sure to do that this year. Quilt will hopefully be finished in a few weeks.

I am currently putting the binding on another quilt, too. Will tell you more about that one later.

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